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Electromagnetic Systems - Aqua Data RC2

The SENSA RC2 Water Velocity Meter uses the Faraday Principle of electromagnetic induction (see Basic Operations), coupled with the latest innovative technology. This offers a proven and successful system for measurement of conductive fluid velocities with exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. 



SENSA RC2. Complete in easy to carry case with wading rod kit, foot plate, clamp, control box and probe. Easily transportable and light to use.






If you need to measure the point velocity in any moving water, streams, rivers or sewers, ask yourself what do I need? 

  • Lots of buttons to confuse in the dark and cold?
  • Cumbersome control and recording boxes to carry?
  • Impellors that snag on weeds and 'other floating objects'?

The answer we hope you gave to all three above is 'no'.

The RC2 was developed with ease of use in mind so that you can reach your site with minimum effort, take your readings then go! It's as easy as that.

Basic Specifications:-

  • Strong polycarbonate control box enclosure - IP67 rated.
  • Easy to use four large button keypad menu system.
  • Impact-proof, very robust epoxy resin probe construction.
  • Measures accurately from 0.000m/sec to 4.00m/sec
  • Now with display in Metres/Sec or Feet/sec.
  • Can be used in shallow water - as low as 2cm.
  • Averaging from 0 to 60 seconds.
  • You can link via RS232 to a computer for long term monitoring.
  • Independent of temperature, suspended sediment, salinity etc.
  • Weight of system - 1.8kg.
  • Battery life 32 hours continuous operation
  • Resolution down to 1mm/second.


   Copyright 2009 Quantum Dynamics Ltd