Who we are

We aim to build environmental instruments and solutions of the highest quality, at affordable prices.

All of our instruments use the electromagnetic principle, (for more information click here ‘Electromagnetic Systems – Basic Operations‘) giving you the greatest accuracy from true zero to several metres per second, with maximum flexibility in both clean and dirty water. The unique probe design has no moving parts allowing you to efficiently do the work with low vulnerability to fouling in sewers or snagging on weeds in rivers. Having no moving parts means the instrument is maintenance free and is calibrated for life.

In 2009, Aqua Data Services Ltd. was acquired by an associate company, Quantum Dynamics Ltd. who were a specialist design company that were involved in the development of the Sensa range from the early stages. Then in 2015 both Aqua Data Services and Quantum Dynamics were themselves bought by John Galt Ltd., an engineering holding company that has four engineering companies all using their respective talents to add value to each other. The name Aqua Data Services was then shortened to simply Aqua Data Ltd, and is currently enjoying a major investment in new product development.

Sensa Water Velocity Meters Information Sheet