Fluvia RC3

Introducing the new Fluvia RC3 Flow Meter

The Latest Iteration of a High Performance Flow Meter

The Fluvia RC3 Portable Flow Meter is the latest flow measurement instrument that AquaData has to offer. The physical design of the product has been re-worked from the ground up, incorporating a colour LCD touch-screen and a rotary encoder for simple and easy navigation of menus. The Fluvia RC3 is designed for our tried and tested RV2 & RV4 Probes, guaranteeing high quality performance with low maintenance.

Simple Use, Tough Design

The user interface for the Fluvia RC3 has been designed to be as simple as possible enabling users to quickly and effectively take accurate velocity measurements. The unit’s IP67 rating and sturdy build means the Fluvia can be used in harsh environments, with the added feature of the waterproof encoder allowing easy operation even with gloves on.

Easy Set-up

The Fluvia RC3 can be tailored to the user’s ideal setup, meaning the units, date and time, language and data logging methods are easily changeable. An optional extra of GPS is also available which would auto set the time as well as provide accurate location information for each data point.

River Profiling

Easy Set-Up
Another feature of the Fluvia RC3 is the ability to profile rivers. If depth data is entered by the user, the unit is capable of generating a computed river flow profile, allowing more detailed analysis of the river.

On-The-Go Analysis

The Fluvia RC3 allows users to not only transfer data to a computer but also to analyse on the fly. The unit is capable of storing collected data, which can then be reviewed on-site. Alternatively, the Fluvia offers the option to download the stored data directly to a computer via RS232, using the SDI-12 protocol.


Accuracy1% max reading + 0V stability
Zero StabilityTypically ± 0.01m/s, max ± 0.03m/s
Range0 – 3m/s, 0 – 6m/s (option)
DimensionsRV2-158x50x19mm (see drawing 16-177-03)
RV4-125x30x15mm (see drawing 16-177-04)
Cable Length3m standard (extra length optional)
Environmental RatingIP67
Operating Temperature-20 to+60°C
Battery TypeLithium-ion, Rechargeable
Battery LifeBattery option 1: 20hrs continuous usage
Battery option 2: 40hrs continuous usage
Battery ChargerAC wall outlet charger, 110, 230VAC
PC InterfaceRS232/ SDI-12
DisplayColour, LCD, touchscreen, 5”
EncoderWaterproof, 25mm dia. knob
Data Storage500 data points, expandable
Units of Measurementm/s, cm/s, mm/s, ft/s
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian

Fluvia RC3 User Manual Version H

Fluvia RC3 Information Leaflet